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Photo of Lynn SudlowLynn Sudlow began this business in 1999 to provide choice to people in the Upper Valley. The Complete Errand offers you the option to delegate errands and a myriad of tasks, an option which didn’t exist in this area before TCE. Lynn has worked as a human resources professional for over 17 years and has personally experienced the crunch busy workers feel when their personal and professional lives make conflicting demands. Additionally, Lynn has observed management personnel and fellow employees burdened by the same pressures.

Those of us who live in the Upper Valley appreciate the quality of our lives and are happy that we aren’t living in more metropolitan areas. The down side of our "quiet" living is that convenience and delivery aren’t always available. Few of our local stores and service establishments offer delivery or hours convenient to the working person. TCE coordinates with many businesses to enhance their offerings to you by bringing their products and services to your door during the work week.

When you work with The Complete Errand, feel complete confidence in the quality of our service. We want you to place your trust in us to manage tasks and to provide tremendous stress relief in your life. We see the rapport we develop with our customers as a true win-win situation!

TCE has been shaped by Lynn’s desire to meet the void she’s observed in service offerings in the Upper Valley. We’ve also been strongly influenced by family, friends and co-workers who have sighed 
    "I wish someone else would do _____ for me today"

Call The Complete Errand today and find out how we can fill that void and free your time for activities you really enjoy!

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