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Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about using The Complete Errand. Please call (603) 298-6129 or email us at if you have other questions.

  As a businessperson, I need to spend money on what will make me money. How does The Complete Errand do that for me?

The return-on-investment is both tangible and "soft". Improve productivity because you and your staff arenít taking time away from your real work. Improve your recruitment and retention. Show employees that you understand the multiple demands on their time. Compare TCE workplace convenience programs to the cost of benefits employees take for granted. Youíll be offering an unexpected benefit that your staff will really notice!

Iím hesitant to add any expenses to my business right now. Itís nice and all that, but how can I find the money?

The entire annual cost of our Errand Program is less than the hiring costs associated with bringing aboard one new executive. The annual cost of our Concierge Program is less than the cost-per-hire for two executives. You may also use the services of The Complete Errand Workplace Convenience Programs for your Company errands and concierge tasks, saving you the cost of hiring, supervising, and providing benefits for an employee to perform these tasks.

How do I know employees will value an onsite concierge service?

Utilization rates in workplace programs generally mature at approximately 10-30%, according to national studies. This percentage is likely to be higher for a professional firm and/or a workforce with a large proportion of executive employees. Work-life programs are still in their evolutionary stage and will probably increase in employee utilization. Also, The Complete Errand will partner with you to educate and market to your workforce so that you are satisfied with your investment.

Iím a small business / sole proprietor; how will The Complete Errand meet my needs?

Just ask for what you need! We gladly consider how to best satisfy new as well as traditional requests. Sometimes the way we help is to refer you to a qualified outside vendor. In our years of serving the area, weíve developed a Rolodex of service providers we feel confident in recommending. As a small business owner, youíll probably want to combine personal and business tasks Ė thatís just fine with us.

Can I really do this? Letting go of control is very hard for me!

We understand that, and we know we need to earn your confidence. You actually will feel more in control of your life when you arenít bombarded by so many conflicting demands. When you consider the value of your time ~ to you, your family, your business ~ you begin to recognize how logical it is to assign TCE to manage many of those demands for you. We guarantee that youíll be satisfied with our service.

How much notice do you need to help us? Sometimes weíre in a total panic and need help right away.

When you arrange for The Complete Errandís Worksite Convenience Programs, you have guaranteed availability for a set number of hours per week. If you call The Complete Errand for other times and you reach our voice mail system, you should always leave a message. We check voicemail regularly and are usually able to get back to you within an hour or two. Email is answered quickly, too. Our on-call service is based upon availability, but we make every effort to meet your needs.

What if we donít have time to meet with you to explain what we need?

We can take care of a lot of specifics over the phone and/or in email. Weíre experienced at asking the right questions to quickly get to how we can help you and your staff.

How do I know what to expect for charges in using your service?

The Complete Errand has developed a corporate program structure with the flexibility to create a plan that works for your business. We discuss with you what you need and want so that we craft a program with appropriate parameters. Then we stay on top of your usage statistics in order to help you adjust your program as needed.

Why would I use your services?

Our clientsí reasons for using us are as numerous as our clients! Some customers need help with a specific activity or during an especially demanding time. Others use TCE on a regular basis to feel more in control of their time and their life.

No, I mean, why your services?

Our emphasis on solutions is the answer! The Complete Errand has been satisfying client needs since 1999. Our experience, the contacts weíve made around the Upper Valley and our ongoing clientele attest to the success of our operation. Visit our Testimonials page to see what TCE clients have to say! We are bonded and insured for your protection and we provide all services confidentially. Most importantly, we strive to develop rapport with you and your staff, to understand your goals in order to work successfully with you.

Whatís the best way to get started using your services?

Click on the link to our Getting Started page for the next step!