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Here are answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about using The Complete Errand. For any other questions, please call (603) 298-6129 or email us at .

How much notice do you need to help me? Sometimes I’m in a total panic and need help right away.

When you call The Complete Errand and reach our voice mail system, you should always leave a message. We check vmail regularly and are usually able to get back to you within an hour or two. Email is answered quickly, too. Our service is based upon availability, but we make every effort to provide solutions tailored your needs.

How do I know what I can delegate to you?

Just ask! We’re constantly getting queries about potential services, and we gladly consider how to best satisfy new requests. Sometimes the way we help is to refer you to a qualified outside vendor. In our years of serving the area, we’ve developed a Rolodex of service providers we feel confident in recommending.

Can I really do this? Letting go of control is very hard for me!

We understand that, and we know we need to earn your confidence. You actually will feel more in control of your life when you aren’t bombarded by so many conflicting demands. When you consider the value of your time ~ to you, your family, your business ~ you begin to recognize how logical it is to assign TCE to manage many of those demands for you. We guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with our service.

How on earth do I justify this to my mother, my spouse, or my boss? They’ll think I’m extravagant.

Many of our clients have begun working with TCE because they received a gift certificate ~ from their spouse (or mother or company)! Using such a service does represent a new mindset for some people. In particular, women often feel they should be able to “do it all”. When we look at the statistics, we know that work is more demanding, kids have more activities and our lives are more complex than they used to be. You are normal to feel stressed! Let The Complete Errand solve that for you.

What if I don’t have time to meet with you to explain what I need?

We can take care of a lot of specifics over the phone and/or in email. We’re experienced at asking the right questions to quickly get to the meat of how we can relieve your stress.

How do I know what to expect for charges in using your service?

Most of the tasks we perform are charged at an hourly rate; we discuss with you what you need and want so that we can estimate the time and fees involved. Remember that we accomplish your assignments during the workweek, so we don’t deal with the same traffic, limited hours, etc. that you have when you do it on weekends.

Why would I use your services?

Our clients’ reasons for using us are as numerous as our clients! Some customers need help with a specific activity or during an especially demanding time. Others use TCE on a regular basis to feel more in control of their time and their life.

No, I mean, why your services?

Our emphasis on solutions is the answer! The Complete Errand has been satisfying client needs since 1999. Our experience, the contacts we’ve made around the Upper Valley and our ongoing clientele attest to the success of our operation. We are bonded* and insured for your protection and we provide all services confidentially. The most important consideration is that we strive to develop rapport with you and to understand your needs and goals in order to work successfully with you.

What’s the best way to get started using your services?

Click on this link to our Getting Started page for the next step!

*TCE bonding means you are protected when we handle your money, checks, and credit cards.