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Show your staff you really understand their hectic lives!
Enroll in our Workplace Convenience Programs
or well create one with you.

Workplace Convenience Programs provide onsite and local area availability for personal and/or corporate tasks, plus varied and confidential errand, concierge and personal assistant services:

Each program entitles you and your staff to discounted rates for tasks performed offsite.

Visit our What We Do For Businesses page to see some of the tasks well handle!


Please tell us something about your business so that we can construct a targeted solution for your workplace. We'll call to schedule a brief appointment to discuss our proposal.
Company Name
Your Name
Your Title / Area of Responsibility
Company Location
Your Phone Number (and Extension)
Your Email Address
Number of Staff at Your Company
Do you currently offer any onsite conveniences to staff? Yes
  If you do, please summarize those services.
Which aspects of an onsite convenience program do you think will provide the most benefit to your staff and your company? (Check all that apply.)  
  Allow staff to concentrate on work while personal tasks are handled by others
  Accomplish corporate errands and still keep everyone at work
  Round out your benefit plan
  Help in recruitment
  Help in retention of overburdened staff
  Show staff you appreciate them
  Enhance your corporate reputation for progressive ideas
  Other (please identify)
Please indicate optimum times to schedule a meeting (Morning? Afternoon? Early in the week? End of the week?)
Who else in your Company should participate in the discussion of Workplace Convenience Programs?
What else do you want us to know prior to our appointment?