While juggling packages and her mailbox key at the post office, Terry noticed a car for The Complete Errand.
  She noted the Website address and that afternoon went to CompleteErrand.com for a look.

Racing to the post office?  Grocery shopping?  Setting appointments?  Preparing bill payments?  Arranging for and then meeting the electrician at the house?  Taking Fido to the vet?  Getting the car registered?  Researching and reserving the best travel itinerary?  Wow!  Terry was ready to put The Complete Errand to work!

Terry filled in the online form to get started and Lynn Sudlow of The Complete Errand called to finalize the details.  The next day, Terry smiled as she waltzed through her day feeling lighter than air.  She’d delegated the things she didn’t really want to do and now she had a choice about how to spend her lunch hour.  Maybe she would take a walk, read or chat with friends.  And after work she might take the kids to the park, have a quiet dinner or visit her mom.  The possibilities  ~ not her “to do” list ~ felt endless!

Does your life need some taming?  Here’s how to do it…