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This is what our clients and partners have to say about the services of
The Complete Errand!

""I am pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of Lynn Sudlow and The Complete Errand. When I found Lynn’s website, we met to become acquainted and to discuss the types of tasks she could manage for me. I’ve greatly appreciated the variety of the assignments that Lynn and her assistant have performed for me; I’ve been especially impressed by their professionalism.

Lynn manages our household while I’m out of town and keeps my life organized when I am here. She keeps me informed as needed and handles matters I would not comfortably delegate to others.  I trust her judgment and appreciate her creative approach to what arises. My family and I don’t have simple lives! Lynn has stepped in to streamline much that had previously bogged me down: development of ideas to systematize tasks, bill payments, sorting mail, research, filing, purchases and errands have all been taken off of my plate. In addition to this, I’ve sought Lynn’s advice on dealing with some sticky matters and I’ve also delegated some tasks that weren’t necessarily ready for delegation! I’ve been happy with the results each time.

It is so great to have help from The Complete Errand!  Working with Lynn has simplified my life personally and in my businesses. Things I need appear like magic; she comes and goes like the good fairy! To me the assistance seems celestial.""

Elizabeth Austin
Hanover, NH



""Please consider this a letter of recommendation for The Complete Errand and the dependable services they provide.

Advance Transit operates public transportation services throughout a seven town area in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont. We are a busy and growing service with 800,000 annual passenger trips. The Complete Errand is out and about performing needed services and errands when we are chained to our desks at headquarters. The Complete Errand has helped with delivery and pick up of bus schedules and marketing brochures at hundreds of business locations around our service area. They don’t just drop these items off, but provide quality contact with the businesses, providing excellent personal representation for company. They also keep records on quantities delivered so that we can keep our distribution list up to date.

I am happy to recommend The Complete Errand. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.""

Van Chesnut, Executive Director
Advance Transit
Wilder, VT



""Lynn acts as an extra right-hand for busy clients -- making sure that what they need accomplished gets done in an efficient and professional manner. She is very detail oriented and pleasant to work with. I've watched her assist a mutual client of ours, and have been impressed with her tact and organizational skills.""

Douglas Lufkin, President
Lufkin Graphic Designs
Norwich, VT



""A few years ago, I asked TCE to help me with a few on-going errands. TCE helped me to maintain a busy work schedule by completing my errands efficiently and professionally. Lynn worked with me to understand my errand needs. I am very impressed with her services.

I highly recommend TCE services to others in the Upper Valley who are busy and need a helping hand. TCE does a wonderful job complementing other businesses in the Upper Valley.""

Roger Trussell
Lebanon, NH



""Lynn is very competent and has a very pleasant personality both on and off work. She is very detailed orientened and always gives 100+ percent!!!! I'd recommend Lynn, based on her personality and experience, for anybody, anytime! ""

Christina Erickson-Hoffman, Founder and President
Kansas City Concierge, LLC



""With The Complete Errand, I’ve been able to eat more meals at home because Lynn has done a great job grocery shopping for me. I’m proud of my new bed linens and pleased with various small appliances I hadn’t taken the time to shop for myself. My pets have benefited from me using The Complete Errand because Lynn has been to the pet shop and feed store for supplies, to Town Hall for registration and to the vet for paperwork.""
Beth Emmons
Windsor, VT

""Over four-and-a-half years, I’ve used the services of Lynn Sudlow of The Complete Errand. Lynn has assisted me in managing myriad aspects of my personal, professional and volunteer life. We have collaborated through multiple family moves, varied activities of my children, and the challenges of numerous startup businesses. I heartily recommend using the services of Lynn and The Complete Errand.

I’ve relied upon Lynn’s assistance with my busy family and small businesses. I’ve entrusted her with money, valuables and all manner of confidential information. Lynn has also had signature authority with me on several checking accounts. Specifically, Lynn has:
—managed projects for my home and businesses
—planned / coordinated many special events
—made travel arrangements
—performed duties of operations manager in my retail store
—served as liaison with professionals such as attorney, banker, accountant, architect, etc.
—conducted research over the internet and telephone
—set up offices and procedures for efficient business operations
—managed account levels and bookkeeping for two of my businesses.

Throughout our work together, Lynn has performed all tasks confidentially. We accomplish a great deal in face-to-face meetings and Lynn also works independently on our projects. I’ve found her to be trustworthy, and working with her has been a pleasure. I’m not sure how I could have accomplished this much and kept my sanity without Lynn!""

Bayle Drubel
Hanover, NH



""We have used Lynn Sudlow's Complete Errand service for more than two years and have been extremely pleased. From simple chores such as taking dirty clothes to the laundry to more complex and sophisticated tasks involving computing, mailing lists and office management, Lynn transacts her (our) business with promptness and completeness, along with grace and good humor. We couldn't get along without her.""

Gaal Shepherd & Jack Crowl
North Pomfret, VT



""Lynn and I have worked together for several years as committee members for the Upper Valley Business Education Series in Hanover, New Hampshire. I've found Lynn to be a very positive and thoughtful person who works well with a diverse group of people. Lynn has great energy, and I particularly value her creative skills and desire to get the job done in an efficient and timely way. Thanks to Lynn, we've presented dozens of high quality educational offerings to the local business community over the past several years.""

Dave Celone, Director of Annual Giving and Alumni Services
Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth



""Transcribing six hours of my taped marketing program was a daunting task! Lynn completed this challenging project in a time frame that worked for me, presenting exactly what I needed in her finished transcript. Lynn worked independently in New Hampshire while I'm based in New York City. I happily recommend that others use the services of The Complete Errand for virtual assistance.""

Wendy Weiss
The Queen of Cold Calling & Selling Success
Sales Training/Sales Coaching
New York City, NY



""I am writing this letter to speak to my observations as to the professional capacities and performance of Lynn Sudlow. I have known Lynn for over 11 years initially through my employment at Tally Systems where her husband worked as well.

For the past three plus years, I have worked for White River Development, as a real estate development manager and have worked closely with Lynn as she has provided a broad range of services to Bayle Drubel, the owner of our portfolio of properties.

The first quality that has always impressed me about Lynn is here tenacious can-do attitude. She takes on any tasks with a devotion and commitment that is often hard to come by with the ‘typical’ employee. She takes on assignments with resourcefulness, vigor, and sees things through as though she was feeding her own child.

Lynn also performs her services with efficiency and honesty and I have never seen her perform any services without integrity and honesty. Perhaps for clarity on this, if a job were to take her 1.5 hours, she would invoice for 1.5 hours, never round-up to the expense burden of her clients. That is just another illustration of her character.

Finally her patience, poise, and professional nature is exhibited in the fact that even in difficult and demanding situations she maintains a positive and focused work style that provides stability and reliability to any demand.

Feel free to contact me at any time if you wish to discuss Lynn’s abilities and qualities and how they may fit your specific needs. I am sure it is apparent in this letter that I hold her in high regard as a professional colleague and friend.""

Tim Fariel
White River Junction, VT


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